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*** Rock Monster's debut album Humble Earth is now available on CD, download, and streaming ***

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You can buy a physical CD on BandCamp
Or in actual brick & mortar stores:

Or search "Rock Monster Humble Earth"
For download on:
For streaming/internet radio on:

...and more to come...

Samples tunes here or on ReverbNation, Soundcloud, BandCamp


Rock Monster are sweet and sour, mellow and energetic, heavy rock, power-pop, epic and quirky, retro made new...

On first listen, Rock Monster will have you tapping the beat, humming the riff, and singing the chorus – and then you realise the songs are about you and your life.

Original Melbourne rock for those whose musical tastes straddle a coupla decades either side of 2k. If you love your rock and never want to grow up or admit you have, or just want a break from reality, here’s some new tunes for your new technology.

Rock Monster are a 5 piece original rock band from Melbourne, with Zoe on vocals, Ian on keys & vocals, Matt on guitar, PhilS on bass and vocals, and PhilG on drums.

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...rock on... /m/[-.-]/m/

A bit of history:
Rock Monster started in early 2010 with founding members PhilG (drums & lyrics) and Ian (keys, vocals, composition).
After a few years playing gigs around Melbourne & Victoria, the current lineup formed with PhilS (bass, vox) joining in late 2012, Zoe (lead vocals, lyrics)  joining early 2014, and Matt (guitar, vox) in May 2016

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